Cat Rescue
Cats, by nature, CLIMB!
However, when your cat has been chased by another animal up a tree and won't come down for days, it can become dehydrated to the point of no or very poor recovery.

You may say:
"I've never seen or heard of a cat skeleton in a tree EVER before".

The reason for not seeing a cat skeleton in a tree is because for the cat that remains aloft TOO long simply becomes weak enough to FALL and crawls off to a hiding place like under a house, bush, old car etc., Hiding there, it can dehydrate further and ultimately starve to death.

Most people these days will start seeking rescue help from "The Fire Dept." just to find that they will no longer respond to these calls.

They say: "Our insurance will not cover that".

The good news is that there are many Tree Climbers who will perform the rescue for a base fee, usually around $65.00.

We suggest that you not call for rescue until the cat has been up the tree for a full 2 days, and by the 3rd day, RESCUE IS NEEDED!

This suggestion is to save you money!

Because MOST cats WILL climb back down within the first 12 to 24 hours!

As soon as your cat is rescued, keep it indoors for a few days and encourage it to drink and eat as much as it will!

Rescues made after an extended time (4 to 6 days) my require professional VETERINARY services.
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