We specialize in ZERO IMPACT &
Expert Removal of Hazardous Trees...
Our tree service has the right equipment and qualified personnel to remove any tree, of any hazard level, from any hard-to-reach place, at any time of day or night, and even during wet weather. Safety and damage control are a priority; especially when trees are close to structures, power lines, or have partially fallen. When the tree has opened up your roof, we will remove it during pouring rain and dry in your roof halting water damage immediately.  We understand how to approach these jobs in the most efficient manner. Our 24 Hour Emergency Response Team at Roving Arborist Tree Service has responded on many occasions to multiple calls during hurricanes and storms . If you have a tree on your house or any other structure, Our family can be there to help yours.

"Zero Impact Removal"
In order to protect both your property and our workers, the latest technology is used for safe and efficient tree removals.  That's why we utilize Heavy-Duty, 15 & 30 Ton Cranes to make Zero Impact Tree removal a reality.  The crane eliminates a lot of the potential hazards that can present themselves in the takedown process. It protects the climber, the crew, the environment, and property. Have you ever seen an entire tree picked up off the ground in order to keep your freshly planted Azeala's unharmed?  The drama, precision, and magic of a crane job is simply AMAZING!

We prefer not to remove live healthy trees arbitrarily.

If they are in the way of your new construction, or if they lean extremely over or toward a home, we are eager to help!

We urge the use of cabling, anchoring, and pruning techniques in cases when the problem is not too extreme.

Dead trees that have died with Hypoxylon Canker, a fungus, NEED to be removed ASAP for two reasons:

All debris are hauled to our recycling sites and are processed into: Mulch, Fire Wood, Lumber, and Art.
The fungus makes the dead wood VERY brittle as soon as the tree dies. Then, the longer you wait to remove the tree (do it within weeks instead of months) the trickier and more dangerous it is to remove. More costly too!
The fungus creates its spores on top of the cankers. The spores then leave the tree potentially spreading the fungus to other trees.
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